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Sunday, 15 May 2011

First date at Rex Pizza

Our mission today was to walk to Old Montreal and grab a couple of poutines at the historic Mgcill Hot Dog. We were looking forward to a nice 12 km walk to burn off the calories. However, the weather had other plans for us.
Its just water, we wont melt, says Katie
Yes but its going to be a miserable walk, we will be cranky pants, says Jen
True story, I'll pick you up in an hour, Katie concurs

Katie used to go to Mcgill Hot Dog as a kid and remembers the smell of patate sac fries and the grease that she had to lick off her tiny little kid fingers after every fry. She used to walk with her dad and brothers down to the old port boardwalk to feed the seagulls. The seagulls loved it so much, and she loved teasing them with potential fries, which she would at the last minute stick in her mouth, making the seagull cry.

We decided to drive and make up for the lack of exercise later (Yeah right!).

We drove up and down mcgill avenue.

We passed Brit and chips, made a comment about how it was so good. Then upon not finding our
destination googled the address. Alas, Brit and chips bought it out!


 NOW =

R.I.P. Mcgill Hot Dog 

Two strikes against us we drove to Verdun to a place we saw once, Rex Pizza on Wellington. We went inside this typical quebec diner, and were greeted with the smell of real fries sizzling in the deep fryer. We sat at the counter and ordered our usual, two poutines and two diet cokes.

Once the order came in just a few minutes later, we were disappointed that the cheese was, yes you guessed right, grated cheese! Not again!


Well I guess their speciality is pizza (we did see them making fresh dough for it). Starving, we quickly dug into our meals. And oh yes the fries are tasty. That is one fresh batch of patate frites, perhaps it would have been better to get the ol' patates en sac with a dash salt and splash of vinegar. The poutine's sauce had the right spices but the consistency is watery and the cheese, albeit good (as all cheese is) is not the correct cheese curds, trĂ©s dissapointing. Alas the fries were the best part of this experience.

OVERALL RATING - out of 10



Side note, and for some reason as we wolfed our poutines, the conversation turned to first dates; should there spark right off or can it grow with time? Why this came up, I don't know, maybe it was just the right atmosphere at Rex Pizza. Nevertheless, I wouldn't recommend a poutine for the first or even second date, leave the poutine date till the 5th date at least. Although you never know, some might find this attractive. What do you all think???


  1. Sharing a pile of greasy, cheesy gravy goodness with someone else would be a relaxed, fun and intimate first date in my opinion!