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Saturday, 16 April 2011

Patates Paul - Take 2

One month later, it is the beginning of spring in Montreal, and we decided to try Patates Paul today, A SATURDAY. With a promise to go to hot yoga later, we drove to the much anticipated old style casse croute in the Pointe. And its a good thing, because after our "quick" stop at the l'Oreal sample sale where we were only going pick up a "few things" and an impromptu visit at a a coca cola warehouse that turned to be a grocery store for restaurants and proved to be a great shopping spree, it began to spontaneously hail. Ah the weather of Montreal, you can never predict it. Our butts and thigh were warm, but Jen's new bangs were curling and Katie's hair was frizzing, we arrived at Patates Paul slightly less beautiful and a bit more poor.

Honourable mention, this place has its own home brewed Spruce Beer. A unique carbonated drink with a delicious blend of sugar and fresh pine flavour.

"A beautiful complement to a poutine" Jen comments
"Ew tastes like my christmas tree" Katie complains.

So here it goes folks.

Mr.¨Paul spares no expense on the classic curd cheese ingredient for this poutine. The dish has the exact right cheese to fries to gravy ratio. Perhaps, its Paul's experience in poutine making ( resto opened since 1958), because the gravy consistency and taste are dead on as well. The fries are definitely freshly cut on location and fried to crispy perfection. So far, this poutine tops the list. It is on the more expensive side at $5 for the mini. However, it is the perfectly sized portion for the health conscious.

PS: in our poutine hangover, yoga was skipped. Sorry.

Jen      9 out of 10 poutines
Katie   8 out of 10 poutines


  1. Great idea for a MTL blog. Growing up in Alberta the only exposure I had to poutine was A&W. We said POO-TIEN, which quickly turned into POO TIME (both the pronunciation AND the event). I'd love to see how the fast food version stacks up. And if you are not willing to put your bowels to THAT test: La Banquise.

    Love the background pic, but it makes the text very hard to read.

  2. The transparent background boxes are there now. Nevermind! Silly, always forgetting the boxes.