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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Pies Annas

After 2 weeks in Belize, Jen (left) was ready for a dirty pout and after a really horrible work week, Katie (right) was ready for her dose of  5 a 7, in lieu of beer, she chose poutine. So we ventured off again to the South West of Montreal, Verdun, the home of many a Coq named restauraunts which hold a variety of delicious and promising fries, hence a great spot for finding the perfect poutine. 
We tried a new start up restauraunt named Pies Anna, a resto that specializes in pies, anything from sweet potato or cantaloupe, to your typical apple pie. But they also serve casse croute and apparently a delicious breakfast and for cheap.
Alas, we are here to try to the poutine! Pies later...maybe.
Located in the heart of Verdun, near the Verdun metro, it is easily accessible. This restauraunt has a charming Verdun atmosphere and lovely staff, we were greeted by a smiling baby and family. Ok lets get down to business.

Overall Rating (out of 10):

The poutine had a really meaty flavoured sauce with a hint of bbq sauce. The fries were cooked but some were undercooked. (keep frying people!!) But the cheese-to gravy-to fries ratio was spot on. Served hot and fresh, this place doesn’t only know how to do a pie, they got poutine down to a fine art.

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  1. Hi Jen and Katie. My name is Timothy. I am the co-owner and Chef at PiesAnna. I was browsing the web and came across this article. I just wanted to send you a personal Thank you on behalf of PiesAnna. The review was great. We're always looking for new ideas, suggestion and/or comments. We really do care. If you wish to reach me personally or have anything you wish to discuss. Please feel free to email me at
    Once again. Thank you